What We Do

Cardnial Church Furniture Product Line

I. New Pews

    • Manufacturers and Designers
    • Standard & Custom Designs*
    • Upholstered Pews
    • Wood Pews
    • Kneelers
    • Upholstered Cushions

II. A. Expert Factory Reconditioning of exsisting pews

    • Complete Disassembly
    • Factory Re-Manufacture
    • Complete Sand Down and Re-Finish
    • Complete Factory Re-Upholstery
    • Reassemble and Reinstall
      Up to 1,000 feet Remove on Monday - Re-Install Friday of the same week.

    B. Alternate Upholstery and Finishing techniques available.
           Upholster over the exsisting surface, add Dacron or poly as necessary.
           Scuff sand, stain and laquer over the exsisting wood finish.

III. New Chairs

  • AZUSA Iorn Works - AZUSA mean business - Everything from A to Z in the USA.
  • Manufacturers and Designers
  • 11 Styles
  • Upholstered Solid Oak Frame
  • All our Chairs are available with Pew Ends as an option.

IV. Chancel and Rostrum Furniture

  • Chapel Crafters since 1946
  • Manufacturers and Designers
  • Standard & Custom Designs*

V. Carpet

  • We are experts in large building flooring installations

* our staff work with you, your Architect or Interior Design Team to develop a design specific to your needs.

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One Word Describes Our Pews... SOLID.