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Cardnial Church Process Information

Our Family has Manufactured Solid Lumber and Upholstered Church Pews in AZUSA California since 1946.
Our Founder JOHN A LAMBRECHT SR was a “sole surviving son” in W.W.II.

He was passionate about his chosen craft of adorning Churches. He passed his passion along to us. He believed and taught us that;

“QUALITY” is our MOTTO, and our PLEDGE to use the finest craftsmanship and materials to manufacture your furniture.

We begin with a SOLID Foundation. - For our PEWS, we use ONLY - SOLID LUMBER

National Hardwood Lumber Association Grading Rules.
This is the Highest grade of Hardwood Lumber. The next grades are Select, then the Commons; #1, #2A and #2B,#3A and #3B. Before we ever start our milling process QUALITY and MOISTURE CONTENT is checked and confirmed between 6 to 8%. Unacceptable lumber doesn‘t make it into our Factory.

We have a Complete Lumber Yard and Manufacturing Mill.
Our GLUE is Aliphatic Resin (not urea formaldehyde).
We hand match the grain and machine joint all our glue joints.
Edge joints are cured under mechanical pressure for 24 hours.
Our laminated joints are cured under mechanical pressure for 72 hours.
This is 12 times the glue manufacturers recommended cure time.
We do not use microwave or electric apparatus to cook our joints.
We have a - Complete and separate Sanding Department; Complete and Separate Upholstery Department;
Complete and Separate Stain, Sealer and Lacquer Department. Each operation has it’s own separate spray booth.
Separation of these activities is important to the final outcome of your furniture.
Milling dust & chips, sanding dust, upholstery, stain, seal & lacquer operations are separated from one another to avoid cross contamination.
Our Polyurethane Foams are High Density - Ergonomically Tested.
They are chemically designed to remember their shape.
Because of body weight distribution, back poly is softer than seat poly.
Some of our seat poly is dual density.
With a softer cushion on top and a denser pan underneath, preventing bottom out.
See our “Pew Body” selections for more information on Polyurethane's.
California Bureau of Home Furnishings TB 117 Compliant.
We use only GRADE A Fabrics. With a Rubberized Back.

Our Finishes are a complete chemically matched molecular structure system.
Our Stains are hand applied, rubbed and hand wiped deep penetrating tong oils.
Our Lacquers are Catalyzed Nitrocellulose - 4 coats - Satin Patina (bar top hard type) Clear Coats.
Lacquers are 27.5% volume by weight - they are state of the art, the best we’ve ever used.
To PROTECT the AIR we all Breathe - Our Stains and Lacquers meet California and exceed US Environmental Standards.
Our Finish invites you to “FEEL” the Wood.

We are very proud of our; manufacturing procedures, factory & machinery, vehicles and & installation equipment.
MOST OF ALL we're proud of our factory trained, permanent, highly skilled, full time Crew .
OUR PEOPLE and their skills make all the difference in the outcome of our work.
We invite you to visit our FACTORY and meet our people.

We are licensed. It is California State law that anyone performing work for more than $600 must have the appropriate State Contractors License. We have the appropriate licenses.
a. State of California - Manufacturing Contractor’s License. C MFG.-76589
b. State of California - Bedding License and Registry. CA 13683

Our Manufacturing, Sanding, Re-Finish and Re-Upholstery and Installation, Crews are, permanently employed, skilled and Factory trained. We are a FULL TIME OPERATION. We DO NOT sub contract any portion of this work out. All of your work is performed by our crews under our direct supervision. We DO
ask for Church help on installation. Our crew will unload, assemble, line up and install your furniture.
We deliver your furniture with our own Trucks, Tool Trailers and Installation Equipment. There is no third party risk. We have a USDOT (United States Department of Transportation License) and California Motor Carriers Permits for our vehicles. Our drivers have CDL - Commercial Drivers License Medical Certificates.
We warrant our performance, workmanship and materials. We back up this warranty with INSURANCE.
We are fully Insured, we protect your investment, you and your Church, with the following 2 million dollar aggregate coverage;
a. Workers Compensation b. Liability c. Auto (TRUCK) d. Fire e. Work in Process f. Work in Transit
g. Products Liability h. Performance - Completion Bond. i. Certificate naming the church as “Additionally Insured.”

STRUCTURE 25 years, if not moved from where our crew installs them.
FABRICS and POLYURETHANE'S 15 years. Pew Pads and Chairs 10 years (chairs fob factory). Re-Finish 8 years. Prorated, age related wear acceptable, excludes direct or magnified heat and/or sunlight exposure, vandalism - abuse. Parts repaired or replaced @ our option.

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One Word Describes Our Pews... SOLID.